About Us

There really is an Angie.  She is the Director of Operations for the company that owns Angie’s Place. A resident of Southeast Atlanta since 1997, Angela Stinson-Sellars has worked in the fast food industry as a store manager or area supervisor, mostly in chicken restaurants.

Angie and the rest of the management team agreed on the mission for our new restaurant: to offer its customers the best home style food available in a quick service setting.  It was only the name in question because it was not clear which large chain would allow us to pursue that goal.  During the months spent exploring several options we started calling the store “Angie’s Place.”  After all she is the one who best knows the food, the operation, and the customers.

In the end we chose to keep that name and boldly strike out on our own as a new brand reflecting our own standards.  More stores are planned for future development.

Hours: 6:00am to 9:00pm every day